Fax to me

(testo e musica di F. Bonifacio)

May you save me,
May you teach me,
Wherever I have to go without you,
Wherever my things are true

May you call me,
May you tell me,
How can I do without you,
If the chances are only a few

I don’t know if I can still resist,
Forty years without thinking of you,
While my friends are all around me,
Saying words that are right in my mind

May you write to me,
May you fax to me,
If there are some things I can do,
While the smoke is going up doing rings around me

May you send me,
May you read me,
A story in the life book,
Without blowing words, without blowing in the wind

I don’t need to try something new,
Playing games is the best thing I know,
While my friends are all around me,
Hearing words that I’m telling to them

May you let me please,
May you say good bye,
So I can came back alone once again,
Without thinking the best way to lie

I was crying my dear,
I’m laughing my dear,
There is no reason to be happy or sad,
It’s only a way to tell you the truth

I don’t need to try something old,
To get my ticket to heaven or hell,
When my friends are travelling around me,
Playing songs without saying any words