La Locomotiva is an independent label, set up in Turin (Italy) in 1995 by two passionate connoisseurs of the music industry: Pino Maio and Roberto Grieco. Since from the beginning, the primary purpose was to give space to those who don’t find a suitable place in the official areas managed by majors, despite the value of their proposal.

At present, the label is interested in rock music, with NaGa’s production, and in some songwriters as Dario Antonetti, Flavio Bonifacio, Edoardo Cerea and Stefano Giaccone. Recently it also started to pay attention to instrumental music in order to create soundtracks for theatre, feature films and shorts. Thus began the collaboration with several authors of electronic and instrumental music as Andrea Tinelli, Bruno F. Sorba, Max Brizio and Sandro Spazzoli (this last one was also a good songwriter in the past).

In our website, you’ll find all news about artists and their record productions, album arts, lyrics and music extracts.

If you want to buy CDs from our catalog, you can do it directly from us or in digital stores: just follow the link Catalogo.

Also, you can download some MP3 for free in Soundcloud.

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Finally, the label is connected to the recording studio Officina Musicale (Musical workshop) directed by Tore Melillo.

At this point we hope you’ll enjoy visiting our website.

Thanks and come back soon!

Pino Maio and Tore Melillo